Safeguards and Security

Spectra Tech understands protecting our nation’s classified interests is of utmost importance. Our experienced team is fully proficient at enacting and adhering to strict security measures for personnel, classified matter protection, information security, special nuclear materials, and facilities and associated equipment protection. We work under the guidance of multiple Federal requirements, including 10 CFR Part 73, Physical Protection of Plants and Materials, DOD Manual 5220.22M, National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual, and DOD Regulation 5200.01R, DOD Information Security Program.

Thinking Ahead

Spectra Tech is thinking ahead – designing reliability, quality and value into everything we do. If you are thinking ahead, looking for an engineering services partner committed to providing innovative, sustainable solutions, contact Spectra Tech.

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Safety and Operations
Nuclear Safety
Facility Safety
Nuclear Criticality Safety
Reviews and Assessments
Price Anderson Amendment Act (PAA)
Facilities Management
Procedure/Standards Development
Long Range Facilities Planning
Facilities Shutdown/Outage Planning

Materials Management
Safe Storage
Materials Disposition
Fissile Material Handling
Radioactive Materials Licensing

Radiation Protection
Radiation Protection Programs
Decontamination Operations
Radiological Control Technicians
Radiological Engineering
Radiological Surveys (MARSSIM)
Radiological Safety Officers

Quality Assurance
Quality Engineering Support
Develop Specifications & Procedures
Implement Quality Systems
System Performance Tracking & Analysis
Process Optimization


Spectra Tech’s team of vetted professionals represent the most qualified, experienced personnel in the industry. Our staff includes PhD-level engineers specialized in Nuclear Criticality Safety and radiological engineering. We employee a range of certified personnel who specialize in Industrial Hygiene, Waste Management, Environmental Safety and Health (ES&H) and Health Physics. Our team members have completed a battery of DOE and OSHA-mandated training, including Radworker I and II, HAZWOPER 40-hour and refreshers, Radwaste, Asbestos, Respirator Fit and Hazwaste.

With in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements and extensive experience in supporting the programmatic needs, our expertise enables us to quickly identify problems, develop approaches to resolve issues, and implement cost-effective solutions for our customers.